The North's Permier Maritime Attraction

Schools visits

Visit the Historic Quayside and transport you and your class back to a bustling 18th century seaport.  Climb aboard Britain's oldest warship afloat, HMS Trincomalee and discover what life was like on the ship.

How to book

Tel: (01429) 860077


To book your visit and discuss details of your visit.

Available resources

Historic Quayside
Guided tour of HMS Trincomalee
Quayside displays (cannon, muskets, rope-making)
Teachers pack
Gift shops

£50 per class for one hour (up to 35
people per workshop including teachers/
accompanying adults)

£50 per class for one hour (up to 35 people per workshop including teachers/accompanying adults)
Discovery visit £3.50 per pupil

£26 each for additional activities. Cannon display, Musket display and rope making. 

Adult to child ratio

For health and safety and supervision we require: 

KS1 1 free adult for every 5 pupils

KS2 1 free adult per 10 pupils

Lunch areas Lunch areas available.



Need help with transport costs? Hartlepool Borough Council Integrated Transport Unit can offer cost effective transport. Their buses are available for hire after the local school drop offs are done. For current prices and contact details click here


School Workshops

The Learning Team provides carefully structured, curriculum linked workshops, accompanying permanent and temporary exhibitions. We have a teacher's pack for the Museum containing worksheets aimed at KS1 and KS2. It is available to download and bring with you on your visit to the museum.

Workshops can be adapted for different Key Stages and children with additional learning needs.  Please call to discuss your requirements.

To book a workshop or for further information call the Learning Team on 01429 860077

Download our learning brochure

Pirates v the Navy!

How did the Royal Navy deal with famous pirates? Find out in this hands-on activity based session delivered by a costumed Learning Officer. From handling a real cutlass and flintlock pistol to role play, knot tying and the tallest tales of real pirates, this session will bring to life how the Navy dealt with piracy

All hands on deck

An action packed experience which combines activities with role-play on the atmospheric lower deck of HMS Trincomalee. Delivered by a costumed Learning Officer pupils ‘join’ the Royal Navy at the time of Nelson and experience a day in the life of a sailor.

Ship shape and a square meal 

Did sailors really eat maggots? What about their five a day? Discover more about the health and wellbeing of sailors on board HMS Trincomalee. Delivered by a costumed Learning Officer.