The North's Permier Maritime Attraction

The Historic Quayside

A naval seaport was a hive of activity. Businesses prospered and flourished supplying the huge demand from the Royal Navy and merchant ships. Everything from candles to canvases, swords to sailcloth.

The quayside recaptures the atmosphere of such a seaport, boasting an interesting range of period shops and buildings in authentic architectural styles. You'll discover a Chandler, Gunsmith, Swordsmith, Naval Tailor, Architect, Printer and even the impressive Admiral's House. Don't miss the displays at the rear of each building for more insights into 18th century life.

The entire quayside is there for you to enjoy. For added authenticity your visit is enhanced by the quayside guides, who are always in full period costume. Displays of musketry, cannon firing and sword fighting are regular events.